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The International Foundation of Theories and Doctrines is one of the first virtual foundations for theorising in the world which started its work from 2010 with the aim of introducing the fundamental theories and the position of theorising in the world. We believe that fundamental theories cover the whole life of mankind and play a significant role in changing the quality of life. Practitioners of this foundation are researchers and scholars which are professional in various scientific fields. The other aim of this foundation is to introduce great theorists and models and methods of theorizing, and to encourage talented people in theorising and thinking about doctrines. Also linking theorists and the public and creating an arena for introducing new theories is central to our activities. In order to achieve our goals, the priority for the International Foundation of Theories and Doctrines is as following:

-    Presenting a comprehensive database for theories and theorists
-    Interaction with great theorist of the world
-    Creating a free environment in the cyberspace for comments and discussions about theories
-    Publishing various articles in the field of theories and theorising

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