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An Introduction to Meditation

Meditation used to be an esoteric practice for spiritual growth, but in recent years it has entered the mainstream and has become diluted, distorted and sometimes overcomplicated. It is now commonly used for stress relief and relaxation and is being promoted as a way to bypass life's difficulties. It is being used to relieve the symptoms of an ego-driven life, but it was originally intended to be a way of dis-identifying with the ego-self and developing a deeper connection with our true-Self.


Presence, Healing and Reintegration

Intimate Presence and Pure Awareness
Carl Jung wrote in The Undiscovered Self, "You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it". The ego is a mind-created "problem", so it cannot be "solved" by the mind. We have to use a higher level of consciousness – the pure awareness of our soul (the Self's primary field of consciousness). It was the absence of presence and pure awareness that resulted in parts of our consciousness being exiled and their associated ego structures being created.


Psycho-Spiritual Development

We come into this world with nothing and we leave it with nothing, so it is pointless trying to acquire lots of material possessions while we are here – because there is no net gain. Our material balance sheet is always zero at the start of our life and it is always zero at the end of our life, and no one is ever going to change that! But it is a different story with our spiritual balance sheet.


Brief Overview of Reincarnation

Reincarnation is the belief that a part of our consciousness will continue living after the death of the physical body and will be re-born into a new body here on Earth. The belief of reincarnation is widespread, in fact almost universal in the East, but it has never been that popular in the West. This is due to the scepticism of mainstream science and the fact that it is not really mentioned in the Christian Bible.


The purpose of Sleep

When the sun is set and the stars decorate the heavens, part of our soul leaves our body. Even if we remain awake, part of the soul still departs, which is one reason why we begin to feel more tired and drained as night unfolds.
During actual sleep, the Zohar explains that 59 of the 60 parts of our soul leave our bodies, leaving only 1/60 to sustain us physically.


Seeing the Invisible

“Oftentimes, we ask to see God, as a benefit to us, to feel His presence. But in our searching, we frequently overlook the opportunities to experience the Creator that are right in front of us.”
~Karen Berg


Learn Telepathy

So you want to learn telepathy? Lets start with setting a definition for what telepathy is. Telepathy is the ability to communicate with someone without the use of sound, visual clues, touch or smell. This is accomplished via direct brain to brain communication. The exact mechanism is as yet unknown due to the fact that no one has been able to produce verifiable results on demand in clinical settings.
However the number of reported instances of telepathy has grown too large to be shrugged off as nothing but wishful thinking.


Training the body to behave

Did you know that you are not your body? You are a Spirit and you “have” or “own” your body. It’s yours. It’s one of your tools. It is not you.
Have you ever noticed how your body doesn’t always seem to obey your wishes? It’s often tired or hungry or in pain just when you want to do something really exciting. It sometimes falls asleep during business meetings or after lunch. It often has a hard time waking up. It likes to eat more than is good for your waistline.


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